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Delta Tau Simplifies Robotic Control

See demo in Omron’s Pack Expo Exhibit, Booth C–1928 Thanks to their speed, accuracy and cost, delta robots shine in a wide variety of pick-and-place and packing applications. The main challenge with these useful robots involves integration. Delta robots typically need to work with other motion axes and vision systems. That’s where our Power PMAC®… Read More »

Taking The Errors Out of Your Encoders

For all their advantages in high-resolution motion control systems, sinusoidal encoders do produce measurement errors that you should take into account. These errors result from encoder signal imperfections and include gain mismatch, phase mismatch and excessive DC offsets. Left unchecked, they can ultimately reduce your system’s positioning fidelity. Fortunately, we’ve just developed a brand new… Read More »

Simplify The Control Of Complex Laser Scanning Jobs

Controlling complex laser scanning systems just got a whole lot easier, thanks to the addition of a laser galvanometer interface to our Power PMAC motion controllers.     The interface dramatically simplifies and improves the controls for laser scanning applications that require a motion system to position the scanning head relative to the work piece.… Read More »