New Motion Controller For Embedded And Low-Axis Applications

By | January 7, 2015

Advanced motion control applications with a modest axis count can now get all the computational muscle of our Power PMAC controllers at a fraction of the cost, thanks to our new Power Clipper embedded motion controllers.

Intended for up to 4-axis applications, or up to 8-axis with an optional daughter board, the Power Clipper is built on a Power PMAC processor and custom digital signal processor. As a result, the new controller offers the same resolution, servo filters and advanced trajectory generation capabilities as Power PMAC systems capable of controlling up to 256 axes.

At the same time, the Power Clipper’s compact panel-mount design and limited axis count can keep costs as much as 50 percent lower than our flagship controllers.

The Power Clipper controller addresses a wide variety of precision motion control applications—including CNC machine tools, robotics, semiconductor equipment and general automation systems.

Despite its small form factor, Power Clipper supports all common motor feedback devices, thousands of general purpose I/O points and many cabled or plug-in accessories. For a more detailed look at Power Clipper’s capabilities, download the technical specifications here.


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